Our Mission

To ensure all births, stillbirths, and neonatal deaths are registered in Jordan, and that we can understand what to do to avoid future deaths.

Our Vision

To empower healthcare providers in hospitals to protect fetuses and babies from any avoidable deaths.


Jordan lacks accurate registration system for reporting stillbirths and neonatal deaths and their causes, and therefore accurate mortality measures and quality indicators are lacking. An electronic surveillance system that automatically transfers the perinatal mortality data to the Ministry of Health and that is linked to a quality improvement system would be invaluable for policy makers.

Jordan Stillbirths & Neonatal Deaths Surveillance System (J-SANDS) is a new registration system for capturing comprehensive and consistent data and information on the number and causes of neonatal deaths and stillbirths. The system also provides data on quality indicators through the use of BABIES matrix to determine which intervention package would have greatest impact in preventing these deaths. The system will also register births to use them as denominators for mortality measures.

The system is to be complemented by another intervention “Death Auditing System” to identify the causes and contributing factors to the deaths, followed by making the appropriate actions, and then identifying specific cases for systematic and scientific analysis of the quality of care received, in a no-blame, interdisciplinary setting, with a new vision to improving the quality of care provided to all mothers and babies.