Jordan lacks accurate registration system for reporting stillbirths and neonatal deaths and their causes, and therefore accurate mortality measures and quality indicators are lacking. An electronic surveillance system that automatically transfers the perinatal mortality data to the Ministry of Health and that is linked to a quality improvement system would be invaluable for policy makers.

Jordan Stillbirths & Neonatal Deaths Surveillance System (J-SANDS) is a new registration system for capturing comprehensive and consistent data and information on the number and causes of neonatal deaths and stillbirths. The system also provides data on quality indicators through the use of BABIES matrix to determine which intervention package would have greatest impact in preventing these deaths. The system will also register births to use them as denominators for mortality measures.


JSANDS Publications

A new article titled “The usability of Jordan stillbirths and neonatal deaths surveillance (JSANDS) system: results of focus group discussions” has been published.

A new article titled "The usability of Jordan stillbirths and neonatal deaths surveillance (JSANDS) system: results of focus group discussions" has been published. to access this article use the following link: https://archpublichealth.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s13690-021-00551-1 The usability of Jordan stillbirths

Relevant Publications

Neonatal mortality in Jordan: secondary analysis of Jordan Population and Family Health Survey (JPFHS) data.

Authors: Nail Obeidat , Yousef Khader, Anwar Batieha, Nadin Abdel Razeq, Nihaya Al-Sheyab & Mohammad Khassawneh ABSTRACT:  Objective: This study aimed to analyze the 2009 Jordan Population and Family Health Survey (JPFHS) data to determine the level, trend, and distribution of neonatal mortality (NNM) in Jordan and determine its associated factors. Methods: Nationally representative data on NNM were extracted from...

Neonatal Outcomes of Infants Admitted to a Large Government Hospital in Amman, Jordan

Authors: Priya G. Sivasubramaniam, Cristin E. Quinn, MeridithBlevins,Ahmand Al Hajajra, NajwaKhuri-Bulos, Samir Faouri, and Natasha Halasa2 ABSTRACT Objective: To describe characteristics and outcomes of Jordanian newborns admitted to a large governmental neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Methods: Newborns born at the government hospital, Al Bashir, in Amman, Jordan were prospectively enrolled. The study focused on newborns admitted to the NICU...

Preeclampsia in Jordan: incidence, risk factors, and its associated maternal and neonatal outcomes

Authors: Yousef S. Khader , Anwar Batieha, Rania Ali Al-njadat&Sa’ad S. Hijazi ABSTRACT Objective: To estimate the incidence of preeclampsia among Jordanian pregnant women, determine its risk factors and its associated neonatal morbidity and mortality. Methods: The study is a part of a comprehensive national study of perinatal mortality that was conducted in Jordan. This study included all women who...

Level, Causes and Risk Factors of Neonatal Mortality, in Jordan: Results of a National Prospective Study.

Authors: Anwar M. Batieha, Yousef S. Khader, Nino Berdzuli, Chuanpit Chua-Oon, Eman F. Badran, Nihaya A. Al-sheyab, Asma S. Basha, Ahmad Obaidat, Ra’eda J. Al-Qutob ABSTRACT Objective: The present study aimed at assessment of the magnitude of neonatal mortality in Jordan, and its causes and associated factors. Methods: Through a multistage sampling technique, a total of 21,928 deliveries with a...


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